Terre Dei Santi – lands of the saints

A journey in search of spirituality. From Assisi to Norcia (going through Cascia).

Guests may be interested in taking a spiritual and artistic tour visiting three famous cities known in the world for their art connected to spirituality.

40 km from the Borgo Capannelle is Assisi, the birthplace of St. Claire and St. Francis, patron saint of Italy. Assisi inspires spirituality even nowadays . Among the monuments to visit the is the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi built between 1228 and 1253. It is made up of an upper and a lower Church. In the Lower Basilica of St. Francis one may visit the remains of St. Francis and frescoes by Simone Martini. In the Upper Basilica one may see are the amazing frescoes by Giotto and Cimabue.

Norcia is instead the city of St. Benedict, the patron saint of Europe who was born in 480. Norcia is about 50 km from Castel Ritaldi and is included in the Sibillini National Park . A few miles from Norcia one arrives at Cascia , the city of Saint Rita, one of the most venerated saints , born in Roccaporena in 1381, near Cascia . She was an Augustinian nun canonized by Pope Leo XIII in 1900.

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